L-J Ranch has a unique story when it comes to hops.  Along with the oldest lived in structure in LaPlata County (The Cabin), the original homesteaders planted apple & plum trees, as well as hops.  After watching them grow like weeds all over the property, we decided it must be an excellent growing climate for them.  We spent time with experts at Fort Lewis College and Delta Research Center learning as much as we could.

Pine River Hops was born out of this excitement to produce our own Colorado hops.  After several years we are proud to announce that 2014 will bring our first harvest.  We have 1,600 plants total, including Chinook, Cascade and Nugget varieties in our 1.5 acre field.  Durango, Pagosa and Bayfield breweries have all expressed interest in our harvest.  We are so excited to provide the community with the opportunity to produce a locally grown beer!

It’s been a labor of love no doubt, but it’s become our passion.  Pine River Hops plans to expand our operation into additional acres and a processing facility not only for ourselves, but for other community members interested in growing hops.

Our Ranch Manager, Paul Black was honored when asked to speak at the Spring Hops Symposium, at Fort Lewis College this year.  His self made, trellis system is one of a kind, and people nation wide are taking notice.  Built entirely with recycled 2 3/8 pipe reaching 20ft tall, overhead sprinklers, high tinsel wire and over 13 miles of twine for the hops to grow on, it’s really something to see.  The walls of green bine’s waving in the breeze will take your breath away.  We love to show off our crop so please give us a call and schedule a tour!